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COVID19 safety, St. David and St. Martin Church

1.      All gatherings of the Saints in the church suspended except for Public Worship.
2.      Weekly public Sunday Worship Services ON-LINE or at the church with full safety measures.
3.    No one need be alone during this time.

4.      Offer of regular weekly calls by district.
5.      Daily Telephone Prayer Meeting with minister/delegate, dial in for interested congregants.
6.      Regular Telephone Conference call for Elders
7.      Urgent cases to be reported directly to minister 613 864-2104
8.      Minister may be called 24/7 at 613 864-2104 by elders referring or congregants directly

 Personal Prayer and let us watch out for each other because “We belong to each other.”

Minister:    613 864-2104

St. David & St. Martin is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.