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Ministries at The Saints
Ministry Description

Visitors Follow-upAll visitors to “the Saints” are encouraged to sign our guest book.  Each visitor will normally receive a follow up contact from our Minister, Rev. George Zimmerman, as well as a thank you card for visiting our spiritual home. 
WorshipWe worship each Sunday morning at 11:00 (10:00 during the summer), with additional special services held during the Easter and Christmas seasons.  Communion is offered four times in the year.  Our building is barrier-free; we have hearing-assist devices available; we are served by several major OC Transpo routes; and there is ample free parking on site.  Worship services at “the Saints” aim to provide participants with a chance to step away from the ordinary and mundane, experience that which is devout and spiritual.  It is our belief that this contributes to spiritual well-being, refreshment of the inner self, and overall health.  See our website at for additional information and details about the dates of specific services.
MembershipWe are most pleased to extend a great warm welcome to each visitor to our Sunday morning worship services and other programs.  We would be honoured should you consider us to be your spiritual home.  We seek to provide all those affiliated with us a safe place, free from the judgements of the world, to maintain a sound spiritual center of gravity.  We extend an invitation for you to stay after our Sunday Worship Service for coffee and a chance to chat with the people of the congregation about the programs and theology we offer.  We are interested in your story.  Our goal is to meet, as best we can and with God's help, your spiritual needs and contribute to your spiritual well-being.  Our minister is available to talk with you about becoming affiliated in one way or another with “the Saints”.
BaptismOur Minister is available to talk with you about the Sacrament of Baptism if that interests you or a family member.  The Presbyterian Church believes there is only one Baptism, it is good for life, and that infants with the authority of the parents may be Baptised.  The main criteria is an interest in being part of a Christian Faith Community like “the saints”. 

Sunday SchoolSunday School is provided in the hall downstairs during each Sunday’s worship service (September to June) for children ages 3‑14 (with flexibility offered at both ends of the age bracket, so as to accommodate the needs of individual children and families).  Our Sunday School leaders follow the "Seasons of the Spirit" ( curriculum.  In accordance with the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s “Leading with Care” policies for children, youth and vulnerable adults who participate in our church’s activities and/or use our facilities, children will be cared for with Christian compassion and will be kept safe, with a two-person supervising rule in place, at least one of whom has gone through a police check.  You are encouraged to consider being one of our Sunday School leaders and part of this vibrant and exciting outreach team. 
NurseryA nursery is provided downstairs during each Sunday worship service for children up to three years of age.  In accordance with the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s “Leading with Care” policies for children, youth and vulnerable adults who participate in our church’s programs/ministries and/or use our facilities, children will be cared for with Christian compassion and will be kept safe, with a two-person supervising rule in place, at least one of whom has gone through a police check.  Volunteering in this ministry is a great chance to help young families participate fully in our Sunday worship services.
Bible StudyA lively discussion is held each Wednesday afternoon (3.00pm) for anyone interested to share in fellowship and to nurture spiritual growth.  The study atmosphere is friendly, comfortable and generates great exchanges of opinion and lots of laughs.  Participants report increasing awareness of their own spirituality and relationship with God.   The learning atmosphere is based in Adult Learning Principles.  
Website and FacebookVisit our website at for the most up-to-date information about life at “the Saints”, including details on our history, upcoming events, sermons and other items of interest.  Also, check us out on Facebook at for the latest in happenings at our vibrant community.
AnnouncementsWe produce a take-home handout of upcoming events, activities and special occasions for distribution at each Sunday’s worship service.  This allows for everyone to keep up to date on happenings important to us at “the Saints”.  Contributions are welcome from everyone!  A copy is also posted on our website at 

Adult Day-Time Social The only qualification needed for this group is to enjoy great fellowship.  They meet downstairs in the Church hall on the second Thursday morning of each month at 10:30 to share some fellowship time.  Each session wraps up with a delicious freshly prepared lunch.  A free-will offering towards the cost of the meal is collected.  Newcomers are always welcome.
Coffee HostsOur time-honoured tradition is to serve refreshments immediately following our Sunday morning worship service.  This ministry, where volunteers are on a rotational schedule, provides a great opportunity to contribute to, and share, in the wonderful fellowship that is a point of pride at “the Saints”. 
Fellowship GroupThis adult group meets monthly (date and location varies, as announced in the weekly bulletin) for fellowship and social activities.  Activities in the past include visit to theatres, Movie nights, visits to various festivals, museum visits, and picnics.  The purpose is for friends to get together for shared activities.  Newcomers are always welcome.  A meeting is held each Fall to plan for the upcoming year’s activities (suggestions are always welcome).
Morning BreakThis multi-generational group of women meets in the church hall downstairs on the first Wednesday of each month 11:30 for study, prayer and fellowship, and is always interested in welcoming new participants.  This ‘behind-the-scenes’ group provides many opportunities to contribute to our wellbeing at “the Saints”, and has a great track record of providing outstanding fellowship, as well as building and reinforcing long-term friendships.
Pastoral CareThis team meets monthly (except in the summer), and is made up of members who are particularly gifted in mercy and are sensitive to those in need of care.  Newcomers are welcome to share in this extraordinarily rewarding outreach ministry, and referrals are always encouraged.
Prayer CircleThis band of ‘prayer warriors’ meets only as required.  They focus their efforts on providing prayers for people and situations in need.  The criteria for membership are a genuine interest in offering prayer and the capacity to respect the privacy and discretional needs of those who are placed inside the circle. 
Ushers and WelcomersEach Sunday we have a team of people who greet fellow worshippers as they arrive, supply a warm welcome to newcomers, and distribute the bulletin and announcements.  New members are always welcome to this team and are added to the rotational schedule.  This is an example of another another great opportunity to contribute to and share in the wonderful fellowship that is our point of pride at “the Saints”
Choir The choir meets in the church sanctuary each Thursday evening at 7:30.  All are welcome to join for great fellowship and music, regardless of musical abilities.
Music and Worship Committee This team meets several times a year, as required, and helps the Minister plan and select the themes and content of our worship services, including music selection.
Visitors Follow-up All visitors to ‘the saints’ are encouraged to sign our guest book.  Each visitor will, if they wish, then receive a follow up contact from our Minister, Rev. George Zimmerman, as well as a thank you card for visiting our spiritual home.
The Saints also support: The weekly collection of food items for the Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre.
An annual Christmas food basket program.
An annual Christmas Child Shoe Box campaign.
An annual delivery of Christmas treats and poinsettias to the less mobile members of our congregation.
The catering of twice annual meals to High Horizons, a group that offers social and recreational activities for physically challenged adults.
SessionSession is made up of the church’s elders and our minister, Rev. George Zimmerman.  Elders are women and men who have been elected by the congregation and ordained.  Session provides for the overall ministry of the congregation, including pastoral care, worship, Christian education, stewardship and mission.
Board of ManagersThe Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and has regard to the temporal and financial affairs (as distinct from the spiritual affairs) of the congregation.  The Board monitors the financial health of the congregation, ensuring the bills are paid and the property maintained, and is responsible for other related aspects of operating the church.  Members are elected by the congregation for fixed, but renewable, terms.
Board of TrusteesTrustees meet at least once a year, and are responsible for signing deeds pertaining to property owned by the church; oversight of the church building, property and equipment; and administer the trust funds of the congregation.  Trustees must be members in full communion at “the Saints”, and are elected to a five-year term (renewable) by the congregation. 

St. David & St. Martin is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.